Private Property Impound Service

As a property owner/manager, you have had the occasional, un-wanted, abandoned
vehicle left on YOUR property. Visitors park in wrong spots, in fire lanes, block
dumpsters, garages and even double park. These situations become menacing to
you and your tenants. Beaverton Towing would like to assist you with these issues
and possibly any others your may have. At NO COST to you.

We will provide you with service that fits your needs freeing up your time to handle more pressing issues.

We offer two types of impounding services:


This type adds extra security to you, YOUR property, and the tenants at no
additional cost. You tell us needs you have and the days and times you wish for us
to service your property. You tell us what we are to look for, such as cars parked in
fire lanes, blocking dumpsters, mailboxes, handicap parking.
We can even with this option post the vehicles abandoned or out of service for you
that are in violation of your property agreements with the tenants. We will even
leave a copy of the vehicles tagged for you at the office!
Also with this option if you choose, we offer a “Sticker Permit” program. This
requires you give tenants 30 days notice to setting new parking guidelines. The time
frame gives you time to issue the tenants their parking permits, (and visitors pass if you wish.) Once the tenants have been notified Beaverton Towing will begin to
service your property as requested. We will furnish the signs; stickers, passes,
warning tow stickers, and take pictures of vehicle in violation of your parking program.


Those who call in must be on the “authorized list”, to call in for a vehicle to be
removed. They simply call Beaverton Towing anytime.
All towing and storage charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. They are
also required to show proof of ownership and identification to match. Checks are
NOT accepted. A gate fee will apply after business hours, weekends and holidays,
in addition to the towing and storage fees.

We hope you will allow us the opportunity to assist you with your parking service
needs. Feel free to contact us at: 503 644 3533.


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